For Parents and Families

If you’re a dog parent who’s trying, expecting, or already has a little one running around, you’re in the right place. 

Because you love your dog. That’s why you want to make sure the transition for your family dog is an easy and safe one. For everyone involved. We understand and are here to help!

Growling, nipping and biting, accidents. They can all happen when a dog is feeling conflicted or stressed due to changes at home. We often hear, “I wish I’d known.” 

So many families WISH they’d had a better understanding of how their dog expressed their discomfort or anxiety before their bundle of joy arrived. Dogs communicate differently than humans.  Having them as a part of our lives means we need to learn how they communicate and how to best support them as members of a growing family. The great thing is that everyone can increase their knowledge of dog body language and communication. 

Our programs and resources help you anticipate, prepare, and establish guidelines that lead to better outcomes for ALL members of your family. Dogs included. 



Not sure where to start? Family Paws’ helpful resource database will get you on the right path! From videos to PDFs to links to expert information, there’s something for every doggy parent. 

Dogs & Storks

Dogs & Storks® is perfect for expecting families with dogs as they prepare with their dog for life with baby. We offer positive, practical, and fun solutions that will help you include your dog once baby arrives. We want to help ease families into the transition from pet parents to baby parents with dogs.

Dogs & Toddlers

Dogs & Toddlers™ is the ideal program for families with dogs and babies who are soon to be crawling or walking. Often the first 3 months have gone smoothly and many families are caught off guard when their dog begins to show discomfort with the new developmental changes of their mobile baby.

This program offers insight and proactive options for some of the common challenges families with dogs experience as baby becomes mobile.

Family Paws Parent Educators

There are simple, practical things you can do to ensure your day-to-day life with dogs and small children is good for all. 

But unlike books, blog posts, or videos, working with a Family Paws Parent Educator ensures that the unique needs of your family are taken into consideration when creating a practical strategy for your household. Because no two dogs or homes are exactly alike. 

Dog and Baby Support Line

Need immediate help? The Dog & Baby Support line offers families and professionals instant access to dog professionals who specialize in dog and baby/toddler dynamics. We are ready to listen and hear your concerns and offer support and resources.

Work With Jennifer

Looking for a private behavioral consultation? Working one-on-one with Jennifer gives you practical advice directly from our founder on how to best prepare with your dog for life with baby, as well as how to manage your dog through your child’s different stages of development. 

Every Young Family Needs a Support System.

Find a Family Paw’s Educator near you and get the support you need to safely and happily raise your dogs and children, together.