Something is different….extra precautions needed.

Something is different….extra precautions needed.

When there is anyone other then Mom or Dad supervising a baby in the home there is likely to be a change in dynamics for the dog. Dogs are senstive to the changing of people coming and going in their environment. Some, more then others.
This is often reflected in articles of major dog incidents that hit the news. Many times it is not the parent who is the caretaker when the incident takes place.
Some reason for this may be:
1. The caretaker is less familiar with the dogs responses and signs indicating stress or agitation. 2. The supervision is not as strong or is overly protective ….indicating something wrong to the dog or creating stress.
3. The caretaker is nervous or fearful of dogs
4. Structure that is normally expected and established for the dog is not in place.
5. Structure for the child is not in place
If the child is being cared for in a home with a dog, then the baby and dog do not have a “familiar bond.” Visiting babies in homes with dogs are at higher risk due to the unfamiliarity between dog and baby. As always supervision is important always around babies and dogs and parents leaving their baby in the care of another who has a dog must have full confidence that this rule is followed.
All of these are just some of the many factors that can contribute to the cause of more severe incidents while babies are in the care of someone other then their parents..
Childcare providers and anyone responsible for babies can take advantage of our materials via our podcasts, DVD, presenters and so on. We hope that this is helpful in prevention.

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