Special treats for special times.

Special treats for special times.

I always recommend you have high value and novelty treats on hand to use as rewards for special times…like the day you come home with your baby. With this in mind I want to recommend a great place to get treats to pamper your pooch. Bone Appétit Bakery offers quality goodies for your favorite pup. “Delightful, delicious and decadent” these treats are perfect to help you celebrate with your dog the new arrival. Many new and expecting Moms feel guilty and even sad sometimes about the changes in routines they will be making once a baby arrives. Offering a special gift, a new toy, or a special treat for you pup can help you include them while knowing you are giving them something they will enjoy too! Having a special gift ready for the day your baby comes home is a nice way to include your dog in your celebration and will make you feel better too!

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