Vacation and traveling.

Vacation and traveling.

Summer is a great time for families to take off and go have some fun.  There are many pet friendly places to go with your pup so you can include them in your travels.   Traveling with your dog requires more research and preparation.

Finding a place that allows dogs

  1. Knowing the rules (dog must be crated when in rental home or dog can’t be left in hotel room) etc  *** I don’t like to leave dogs in hotel rooms no matter what due to the fact that any staff can enter.”
  2. Size limitations
  3. Beach rules for dogs.

Traveling in the car.

It is important to consider the safety of everyone in the car including your dog.  Using a doggie seatbelt to secure your dog allows for a calmer ride for all.  This allows you to control where your dog is during the drive and decreases the chances of your dog escaping when someone opens a doorIf you are traveling with children please consider a place where the dog and kids are not in the same space.  Everyone gets cranky on long trips and it is safest to have a barrier or division between children and dogs when confined.  Dogs that are secured make driving safer and make the experience safer all around for your dog too!

To help make your trip smoother and more comfortable for your dog while away from his normal home here are some tips.

  1. Bring along a familiar bed and crate
  2. Pack enough food for the week
  3. Bring along bottled water or some water to transition then to the new water
  4. Bring plenty of treats & toys
  5. Try to keep to a normal schedule
  6. Remember new experiences or novel things may cause fear or discomfort for your dog.  Be mindful of the stress your dog may experience during the adventures.
  7. Be aware of the heat!
  8. HAVE FUN!

It is important to expect your dog to sense the excitement of the trip and to “forget” even some of the most basic of manners that you know they know.  Be patient and lower your expectations as your dog acclimates to the new environment.  New places and smells are exciting and can be over stimulating for some dogs.  Let them explore and keep those high value treats and toys at the ready! 

Bottom line….we dog lovers really miss the fur and slobber when we are away from our 4 legged babies.  It is great when we can bring them along and include them but we must plan and be prepared for all that is involved when traveling with our dogs.  So, plan, prepare and have a GREAT vacation!

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