What is a “Success Station?”

What is a “Success Station?”

What is a success station?  Well, it is a silly phrase I found myself saying during consultations with families preparing for a baby.  Crate, gate, rotate & separate are included in “success stations.”  It is not uncommon for people to feel reluctant to reintroduce a crate or any type of separation.  I wanted a pleasant way to reference these important options…”success stations.”  A safe and enjoyable spot where your dog can only succeed.

These management options are important to put into practice PRIOR to NEEDING them. Often families will only crate or gate their dog when they leave the home.  How would your dog handle being in another room or gated off while you talk to a guest or sit and enjoy a book in another room?  Would they whine, bark, destroy the room?  This is a good thing to learn before you need this option.  Kids and dogs together under one roof is a juggling act to say the least.  There will be times when your dog will need and WANT space away!  It is important when preparing for life with baby/kids that we set up kid free areas along with areas where the dog can safely observe in at a comfortable distance.   Setting and practicing these options ahead of time will be very appreciated long term!

Some examples of “success stations.”

Comfort and safety must always be a priority with management options. Individual dogs need personalized options.

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