When families need help NOW!

When families need help NOW!

Today I was reminded how important the Dog & Baby support hotline.  Each month we receive more and more calls to our hotline from parents who are reaching out for help with their family dogs.  Today’s call really meant so much to me as the situation is not at the point of no return.  It is something that is most likely workable with education and more awareness.  So many families turn to google and places that can often lead them to feeling even more confused.  It is our hope that like this family today we are able to support and refer others to immediate help and positive, practical and professional resources.  Please send our information to families, rescues and friends!  We have a great team of professionals ready to help families with Kids & dogs.  

This is why I love what I do!  When we can help kids, dogs and parents feel safe and more comfortable then we truly are making a difference!

“Hi Jennifer,
   Thank you so much for taking your time to speak with me about my predicament. You have given me hope. I am so glad that you understand how I feel. The past few days I have felt so isolated. Thank you.”

S.L. Florida

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