Your dog, your toddler. Prepare ahead!

Your dog, your toddler. Prepare ahead!

You have done an awesome job preparing with your dog for a new baby in the home and NOW is the time to continue preparing with your dog for your toddler.  So often families feel that once a baby and dog are doing great with homecoming that there is not more to do.  This is not so!    We encourage you to not fall for this thinking.  Your baby is changing all the time.  To your dog this potentially is a completely NEW baby with every new development. They look different, sound different, move differently.  Check out our milestones handout for more information.  Here is a small preview.  

Baby is in arms and all has gone smoothly.  Your dog may not even seem to notice the baby.  This is often what we hear until about 4 or 5 months and we want YOU to be prepared.  Now your baby is spending time playing on the floor with you.  This can raise interest, fear, curiosity or playfulness in your dog as your baby wiggles, coos, and engages in the familiar environment that once was only adults and your dog.

The most exciting and sometimes challenging times are ahead!  This is why we offer our Live Dogs & Toddlers program    

We strongly advise families to register for this important webinar BEFORE their baby is anywhere near mobility.  We hear all too often families with “wish they had known” or “never saw it coming”.  Dogs do not bite out of the blue and newly crawling babies are often (unfortunately) growled or nipped at if not bitten due to a lack of understanding about dog needs, communication and behavior.

We know you love your dog and want the bond between your baby and dog to grow.  We can help you with this goal in a way that increases safety and decreases stress for all of you.  We will prioritize the comfort of everyone.  Please Don’t wait until your baby is 10 months old and crawls to the dog for the 100th time and a bite happens.  Please!!!!

Learn what types of inclusion and interactions are safer and more likely to strengthen and build a bond.  No parent wants their child bitten by their beloved dog.  But we all must understand that biting is a communication that happens when all other communications are not working or responded to.   Don’t leave it up to your dog to leave or move.  Learn about management and dog body language.  Learn what is safer for all.  You’ve got this and we are here to support you with our 20 years of experience specializing in dog and baby/toddler dynamics.  This is what we do best!

There is so much out there on social media giving very dangerous images and impressions of expectations of our family dogs.  This is so concerning and leads to our support line ringing with tearful families who are heartbroken and scared following an incident.  It is heartbreaking as almost ALL are preventable with more knowledge.  You are choosing to raise your child with a dog/animal in your home.  Learning about this animal and how they respond and react is up to you. We are here to help!   Increasing your dog aware skills as a parent is the greatest way to create lasting lifelong bonds.  We are here to help.

We invite you to use Family Paws Resources, webinars  our dog and baby support line and  licensed educators  

You may not know this but Family Paws educators are dog professionals who have chosen to take a in depth course and maintain an active participation in our network of dog and baby specialists.  Our programs are known and respected internationally by parents and professionals alike.   Since 2002 we have been the trusted resource for new and expecting families with dogs and want to be sure you receive the best possible support for your family.  Together we can create DOG AWARE generations!



Every Young Family Needs a Support System.

Find a Family Paw’s Educator near you and get the support you need to safely and happily raise your dogs and children, together.