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Dogs & Storks Online Class

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The Dogs & Storks® program is perfect for expecting families with dogs as they prepare for life with baby.    This information provided will add to your understanding and bond you already have with your dog as you both navigate preparing together and life with a baby.  This 1-1/2 hour presentation will provide positive, practical, and ongoing solutions that will help you include your dog before and once baby arrives.  Our goal is to support you as you transition from a dog family to a family with a baby and dog.  This presentation is given by the creator and founder of Family Paws, Jennifer Shryock

Here are just some of the topics we will cover.

  • Does your dog know you are expecting?
  • Your dog’s sensitivities
  • Must-know information for expecting families with dogs
  • Dog body language
  • Success stations for inclusion and safe management
  • Preparing for homecoming
  • Inclusion for success

Every Young Family Needs a Support System.

Find a Family Paw’s Educator near you and get the support you need to safely and happily raise your dogs and children, together.